“Why Isn’t The Alexander Technique Taught In Groups?”

There are some things that you can only learn in one-to-one sessions with a teacher.

The Alexander Technique is one of them.

During a lesson, I have to work with you continuously … encouraging, demonstrating and teaching you how to let go of tension. This involves explaining the principles of the Technique and relating them to your individual needs.

This can only be done effectively during private lessons with me, where you can discuss problems that you might not wish to discuss in a group.

Bear in mind that to learn these skills… and gain lasting benefit  from them… lessons must address your specific needs and not the more general needs of a group.

However, I regularly introduce the Alexander Technique to groups of people who need more information before deciding on a course of lessons. I often do this in evening classes or introductory workshops.

The teaching in introductory groups is designed to meet the needs of the group, and the emphasis of what is taught is different. In group sessions, you will not get the individual attention you need in order to learn the Alexander Technique for yourself.