“What Is The Alexander Technique?”

When you learn the Alexander Technique you will develop the self-awareness that will prevent habitual muscular tension from causing pain and other problems… back strain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injury, for example.

In other words, the Alexander Technique is a preventative technique… a life skill… that restores your natural sense of poise and balance.

It was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955).

It is not a form of treatment, therapy or exercise, but an effortless technique you learn over time by taking private lessons.

You will be glad to know that it does not conflict with conventional medicine or medical opinion.

And you will find it very practical… like learning to drive a car, for example, and you can learn it in individual lessons from a qualified teacher like me.

You will benefit regardless of age, disability or other physical limitations.

And once learnt, it will stay with you throughout your life… as long as you keep applying the principles.