“How Long Will The Alexander Technique Take To Learn?”

On average, it will take you about eleven hours to learn the basics and apply it for yourself.

You learn the Alexander Technique in a series of lessons, each lasting half an hour or more. And it takes around twenty-two lessons (sometimes more, sometimes less) to be able to apply it.

Of course, your progress depends on how motivated your feel to take control of your situation and put an end to your problems.

The more motivated you are… the quicker you will learn… and the sooner you will enjoy your pain-free and stress-free life.

If you want to get lasting benefit from the Technique you must spread a course of lessons over several weeks.

This is because you need time to develop the insight and understanding needed to apply the Technique every day. You also need time for your postural muscles to adapt to the new way of moving.

Once you start, it won’t be long before you feel the difference. You will soon notice a reduction in pain and tension … but your main aim should be to apply the Alexander Technique throughout your life in order to enjoy the permanent benefits of this committment.

And after you start, you will find yourself constantly improving… and it continues throughout your life… as long as you keep applying what you have learnt.