“Can I Learn The Alexander Technique From Books?”

No, you can’t

You will get a lot of useful information about the Alexander Technique in books… some may give the impression that you can learn the Technique simply by reading them… but they often contain a ‘discaimer’ informing you that you can only learn it from a teacher.

The truth is that the Alexander Technique deals mainly with how to change muscle tone and tension… changes that cannot be conveyed in words or pictures.

You can only develop the skill to make these changes through practical experience, in the same way that you would learn to drive a car, fly a plane, ride a horse or play an instrument… the practice is more important than the theory.

You must bear in mind that Alexander Technique lessons must address your individual needs. You can only do this with the guidance of a qualified teacher, like me.

Books about the Alexander Technique are useful, but they are aimed at a wide audience and can never be a substitute for individual lessons and practical experience.